The Chesapeake Alliance was formed in the mid 1980s to provide a voice for the cities business development and growth as a community.

Members are “senior leaders” in the sense that they have been involved in Chesapeake affairs for many years and have the familiarity and experience with the city and its issues and the contacts that provide the group with the ability fulfill this mission. 

Members are involved in other civic organizations with more specific missions (e.g. Chamber of Commerce; Rotary).  By coming together in the Alliance, members use the experience they gain from other organizations in furtherance of the Alliance’s broader mission.

The Alliance identifies issues that are of importance for the future development of the city in both economic and social matters and acts on these issues through ad hoc work groups.

The Alliance is loosely affiliated with similar organizations in Virginia Beach (Virginia Beach Vision), Portsmouth (Portsmouth Partnership), and Norfolk (Greater Norfolk Corporation).  Leaders of these organizations meet periodically to share ideas and support each other on local issues that benefit all of south Hampton Roads.

The Alliance recognizes that Chesapeake is a community of sometimes conflicting elements including suburban and urban homes and commercial, agricultural and industrial businesses that bring many benefits and many challenges.  The Alliance strives to accommodate these elements to make Chesapeake a better place.

Our Mission Statement

The Chesapeake Alliance, Inc. is an organization of citizens in senior leadership positions who live or work in the City of Chesapeake, believe in the city, and are committed to the betterment and wellbeing of the City.

The Alliance acts in an advisory capacity to governmental agencies and individuals involved with the City at all levels by providing information, contacts, and support to help solve municipal issues.

The Alliance acts as a non-partisan body and its positions are derived from policy based deliberations. 

Chesapeake Alliance
PO Box 5008,
Chesapeake, VA 23324