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Below is the list of our current projects and the members a part of each task team. Each member is personally assigned to a task group that they hope to help develop. 

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The 757’s Regional Broadband Ring

Regional Fiber can be a reality for Hampton Roads. Susan Vitale created a PowerPoint and explains how regional fiber can become a reality for our community.     Regional Fiber Slides Jul 2022 (1)

Coastal Virginia Commerce Park

The Chesapeake Alliance writes its letter of support for the Coastal Virginia Commerce Park. CA Coastal VA Commerce Park Letter to Chesapeake 

Chesapeake’s first energy storage facility on its way to Deep Creek

CA Comments: The Chesapeake Alliance is very much in favor of renewable energy in several forms, in balance with what’s right for the area communities.  We urge city officials and area residents to communicate through on all such matters to achiev…

Data Centers as Opportunities for Economic Growth

CA Comments: The Chesapeake Alliance endorses and supports Chesapeake being a site for Data Centers given the availablity of undersea cables coming on shore in Virginia Beach, and the installation of a high-speed fiber network throughout the so…

As Amazon expands into Virginia, Hampton Roads agency hopes to land data center

CA Comments: Given previos supportive comments about data centers, this article is a proof-point in that Amazon is looking at where to place one of its Amazon Web Services data centers.  VA and Hampton Roads may be a potential location. | By …

Small Business and Minority Business Help

CA Comments: The CA is highly supportive of all business, including minory and senior.  This ariticle is provided by a contributing writer, for the Chesapeake Alliance. A Marketing Guide for Senior Entrepreneurs Written for the Chesapeake Alliance…

Grassfield Area and Western Branch Development

CA Comments: Mixed use properties is a hot topic these days.  The term is meant to describe the creation of new Live-Work-Play environments.  Dollar Tree in Chesapeake is a good example as they are creating an entirely new development with this c…

New City Regulatory Requirements

CA Comments: Business development and growth are critical components to success for any city. Some cities are easy to do business in, while others are a bit more challening.  The Chesapeake Alliance is a pro-business support organization and will …

Broadband/Regional Fiber Ring

CA Comments: As the underground ocean data cables are coming ashore in VA Beach, it needs to be connected to regional network infrastructure so as to “transport” high-speed fiber throughout the region.  Hampton Roads has established a Regional Fi…

Why Malls Should Add Residential To Their Repurposing Plans

CA Comments: Please refer to previous mixed use real estate commentary made on earlier articles.  We mentioned new development opportunies such as Dollar Tree, but we also discussion the potential of re-purposing indoor malls that may be strugglin…
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